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LAVEZZINI company starts its activity in the world of vacuum packaging and it established itself successfully on this market thanks to the production of a new line of vacuum packaging machines with external aspiration, introducing a completely new idea of vacuum packing.

Thanks to its direct experience in this filed, and after strengthening its bases, LAVEZZINI company could keep on improving and widening its range of products with the production of a professional series of vacuum packaging machines with chamber, which are available in different models now.

LAVEZZINI company’s most important aim has always been the providing a full and complete service to its commercial partners, to build together a commercial cooperation in which the sale of a single vacuum packaging machine is meant to be just a starting point, not the end of it work.

After several years of experience, in 2003 LAVEZZINI’s team introduced itself with determination in the thermosealing world and could offer to its customers four models of thermosealers for tray packing exigencies.

Its continuous investments, the steady technological updating and the never-ending improvements of the products have allowed LAVEZZINI company to be an active presence in several countries all over the world. Therefore it can be considered one of the most important references in the vacuum packaging industry.

Nowadays Lavezzini company is composed by two production departments having a total surface of 5.000 square metres; it is a sound, dynamic and always up-to-dated, and it is aware that the basis of its success are due to its management’s intuition, its staff’s care and dedication and, above all, its valuable distributors’ competence and willingness.

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