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Automatic opening bell

Ciclo di vuoto in camera
| Working cycle inside vacuum chamber
Ciclo di vuoto in camera | Working cycle inside vacuum chamber
Standard functions
Standard functions

These models are meant to be the entry into the field of professional vacuum packaging with chamber machines. Suitable for several sectors of employment, these models are easily recognizable for their top quality structure, their extremely high work capacity and, above all, for their amazing and extremely advantageous price level.

They have an accurate but simple electronic device. They can work with different kinds of vacuum bags, make vacuum in external recipients and even in embossed bags by external suction. Totally stainless steel built and equipped with printed vacuum chambers and totally removable sealing bars, these three models can offer their amazing services at the best price ever on the market.

ModelStructureOverall dimensionSize of the chamberSealing barVacuum PumpWeightAbsorptionVoltage
UNICA Inox 510x560x450 H 410x450x220 H mm 400 Q = 16 m3/h-OIL KG 50 KW 1,15 230 V/50-60 Hz

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